b'COLOUR FINISHES //BRACING BAR SOLUTIONSBRACING BAR8mm 10mmSOLUTIONSWhether your bathroom demands 1, 2 or 3 walk-in screens and a deflector panel, our elegant bracing bars will provide the perfect blend of form and function. Each option is superbly engineered for The shower fittings appearing in thisdurability and strength with screw points discreetly concealed from view, on the wall or ceiling.brochure are produced by JTP, a longMINIMAL DESIGN WALL BRACING BAR BB1 established tapware brand carefullySafe and strongdesigned in the UK for the UK market. Please visit www.jtpuk.com Supplied 1200mm length for cutting to length on install Complete with glass clamp, wall bracket and T- joint Default bracing bar for full height deflector hinge BY8/BY10 Not suitable for PHG/10 hinge or fixed deflector panelsCOLOURALUMINIUM WALL PROFILES ANDGLASS TO WALL BRACING & HINGED DEFLECTOR APPLICATIONS BB2 BRACING BARS Safe and strongFINISHES Anodised aluminium Supplied 1200mm length for cutting to length on install//BRACING BAR BB1 //BRACING BAR BB2No rust or corrosion Complete with glass clamp, wall bracket and T- joint08 Easy to clean INLINE BRACING FOR FIXED DEFLECTOR PANEL 09Super strong, yet lightweight for easeTO WALL BB3 To provide the ultimate in bathroom personalisation Lakes hasof installation Safe and strongcarefully developed a collection of beautiful colour finishes for Scratch and chip resistant Provided at 1200mm long for cutting to length on install all metallic parts to suit individual tastes and complement anyanodised finish Supplied with glass clamp, wall bracket and T- joint bathroom design scheme, providing the perfect accompanimentSuper resilient to humidity in theRequired when using a fixed 90 non-rotating deflector panelto todays showering and brassware fittings, as follows: bathroom, day to day wear and tearNot suitable for walk through glass layouts //BRACING BAR BB3 //ANGLED BRACING BARand cleaning productsMONOCHROMEConforms and exceeds EN 12373-1 ANGLED BRACING BAR AB Choose from either our timeless Silver which offers a near mirror quality finishBrushed or smooth polished finishAn understated option for use when an overhead bar is not desired or not possible or make a statement with our distinctive and bold Matt Black. Either colour willdepending on colour choicecomplement most wall tile colours and designs. Colour finish lasts a lifetimenoSuitable for fixed panels up to 1000mm wide URBAN NEUTRALfading or discolourationNo assembly required, ready to use with glass clamp and wall If youre looking for something a little softer than dramatic black, Lakes Gun MetalSustainable - each component partbracket endswill add calm sophistication to your bathroomthe perfect colour to complementcan be 100% recycled Nominally 45 x 500mm long. If space demands, it can be used woods, concrete and other metallic finishes. between 30 & 60HARDWAREHINGES, GLASS Brushed Nickel will grace any modern or classically styled bathroom designCLAMPS, WALL BRACKETS GLASS TO CEILING BRACING BAR G2C// GLASS TO CEILING // FLOOR TO CEILINGscheme, and a wonderful alternative to traditional chrome colours. The silky textureA subtle yet incredibly secure glass stabilising option BRACING BAR BRACING BAR F2Cand colour tones are an ideal companion for marbles, terracotta, concrete, andPrecision die cast from zinc alloy Complete with glass clamp and decorative cover mid-tone woods.PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition)Supplied at 600mm long, for cutting to lengthfinished Recommended for use on panels up to 1000mm onlyNATURAL/WARMOutstanding durabilityCreate a soothing bathroom sanctuary with a hint of luxury. Brushed Brass - aFLOOR TO CEILING BRACING BAR F2C gentle hint of gold combined with delicate brushing, makes a genuine andHigh corrosion resistancesoothing bathroom design statement. For those looking for a hint of finesse, ourImproved aesthetic appearance A stunning and safe method to secure fixed panelsBrushed Bronze will elevate any bathroom scheme. Both finishes are perfect whenVery high wear resistance Requires ceiling bracket and decorative cover paired with paler woods and stones. Supplied at 2600mm long, for cutting to length Note: We recommend that all main Environmentally friendly (no harmfulpanels over 500mm wide are installedMIXAGEchemicals used)CEILING BRACKET 2CBwith your choice of bracing bar.The modular format of our walk-in system allows true bathroom personalisation.All PVD parts are 100% recyclableFor use with to Ceiling type bracing bars (G2C or F2C) //CEILING BRACKET 2CBWhy not combine Black with Brushed Brass or Brushed Nickel, for instance?Colours in this brochure are reproduced as close as the printing process allows. We recommend visiting one of our authorized dealers to view the actual finishes.LAKES MODULAR WALK-IN'