b'CORNER WETROOM DESIGN WITHOUT DEFLECTOR PANELS //07 CORNER WALK-IN FIXED DEFLECTOR IN BRUSHED NICKELCORNER WETROOM DESIGN WITHOUTDEFLECTOR PANELS//09CORNER WALK-IN WITHCORNER BRACKET IN MATT BLACK The corner of a bathroom is usually the ideal location to showcase a walk-in showering space. Our extensive collection of panel sizes 24 offers a solution for almost every bathroom. Lakes corner options25are designed to offer maximum flexibility, practicality, and style. The side panel will help reduce water splash-out and protect other bathroom accessories, furniture from overspray. Simply add the beautiful bracing bar finish of your choice to match the rest of the dcor.AllClear glass coating is standard on all of our walk-in panels for ease of cleaning.WET ROOM OR TRAY8mm 10mmOPTIONFOR A CORNER SPACELAKES MODULAR WALK-IN'