b'LAKES WALK-IN SHOWERCONFIGURATIONS TO CREATEYOUR PERSONAL SHOWERING SPACELAKES WALK-IN SHOWER09 Pages 24-27 10 Pages 24-27 11 Pages 28-33 12 Pages 28-33CONFIGURATIONS TO CREATE YOUR PERSONAL SHOWERING SPACE13 Pages 28-33 14 Pages 28-33 15 Pages 28-33 16 Pages 28-33Infinitive versatility. Design the walk-in layout thats perfect for your individual home, desired showering//HINTS AND TIPSspace, style, and dreams, from a wide range of 8mm and 10mm glass panel and hardware options. Whether for recess, corner and flat wall all products are availableLakes walk-in panels can be fitted to tiled floors and most in our six colour finishes. standard shower trays. However, if you are installing onto The examples shown represent almost every configurationa shower tray, we recommend using a Lakes shower tray or possible, but If youre considering something different to these,alternatively, consult your retailer for more information.please consult your retailer for advice.17 Pages 34-37 18 Pages 34-37 19 Pages 34-37 20 Pages 34-37When choosing your main panel sizes we recommend 12 allowing entry/exit access of 500mm minimum. 13When ordering your glass sizes always take measurements after wall tiles or wall panels have been installed. FOR AN ALCOVEFOR A CORNERFOR A STRAIGHT,Indicates rotating deflector panelSPACE SPACE OPEN SPACE01 Pages 16-19 02 Pages 16-19 03 Pages 16-19 04 Pages 20-23 21 Pages 38-41 22 Pages 38-41 23 Pages 38-41 24 Pages 42-4705 Pages 20-23 06 Pages 20-23 07 Pages 24-27 08 Pages 24-27 25 Pages 42-47 26 Pages 42-47 27 Pages 42-47 28 Pages 42-47LAKES MODULAR WALK-IN'