b'PLAN YOUR OWN PERSONALSHOWERING SPACEEND PANEL WALL PROFILEPLAN YOUR OWN PERSONALBRACING BAR(S)WALL PROFILESHOWERING SPACE90 CORNER.OPTIONS:a) Bracket and transparentseal ORb)Corner post 01 Pages 16-19 02 Pages 16-19 03 Pages 16-19 04 Pages 20-23 Once you have chosen your preferred Tick the box next to your 3 chosen congurationwalk-in layout, you can sketch out on the next page.SIDE PANELDetail in the form below all the glass and metallic parts you require for your individual Lakes walk-in design and hand to your retailer. 05 Pages 20-23 06 Pages 20-23 07 Pages 24-27 08 Pages 24-27 Please note: Use the abbreviated colour codes below in the colour section of the order form. SILVER BLACK BRUSHED BRASSS B BRSFRONT PANEL DEFLECTORBRUSHEDBRUSHEDGUN METAL PANELNICKEL BRONZE//HINTS AND TIPS N BRZ GUN09 Pages 24-27 10 Pages 24-27 11 Pages 28-33 12 Pages 28-33CONFIGURATION (Add configuration number)8mm 10mm 53We advise taking the measurementsGLASS THICKNESS at least twice to check theyre correct.When measuring the space ensureGLASS SIZE CODE QUANTITY COLOUR the dimension includes final wallFront Panel Size13 Pages 28-33 14 Pages 28-33 15 Pages 28-33 16 Pages 28-33 covering/tiles. End Panel SizeSide Panel SizeWe recommend allowing a minimumWALL PROFILE WITH SEALS CODE QUANTITY COLOUR 500mm access gap between panels. Wall Profile 8mm & 10mmWPSIf youre choosing a full height hingedBRACING BARS CODE QUANTITY COLOUR deflector panel, make sure you haveBracing Bar 1 BB1enough space outside and inside ofBracing Bar 2 BB217 Pages 34-37 18 Pages 34-37 19 Pages 34-37 20 Pages 34-37 the showering space to open andCeiling Bracket 2CBclose the panel. Ceiling to Glass G2CFloor to Glass F2CIf the glass is installed on a shower 90 CORNER JOINING OPTIONSCODE QUANTITY COLOURtray, ensure the tray has a minimum Corner Bracket CNR8flat ledge of 40mm.Corner SealCNRSEAL8 N/A When measuring, its not unusual toCorner BracketCNR1021 Pages 38-41 22 Pages 38-41 23 Pages 38-41 24 Pages 42-47 find some walls are not 100% straightCorner Seal CNRSEAL10 N/Afor their entire height. Lakes wallCorner Post 8mm CP8profiles offer up to 20mm adjustment.Corner Post 10mm CP10 The shower ttings appearing in this If youre replacing an existing showerDEFLECTOR PANELS CODE QUANTITY COLOUR brochure are produced by JTP a longenclosure and shower tray, check180 Hinged Deflector Left Hand PHL established tapware brand and , carefully there havent been any water leaks180 Hinged Deflector Right Hand PHR designed in the UK for the UK market.and that the intended floor area orDeflector Glass and Transparent Seal 8mm PHG8-03025 Pages 42-47 26 Pages 42-47 27 Pages 42-47 28 Pages 42-47 tray is sound. Deflector Glass and Transparent Seal 10mm PHG10-030 You will nd the colours of JTP shower 8mm 270 Full Height Hinged Deflector 300mm BY8 ttings and Lakes are complimentary Check the position and height of10mm 270 Full Height Hinged Deflector 300mm BY10and will help create a wonderful the shower valve, shower head etcFixed Deflector Panel Inline Bracing Bar BB3 bathroom design scheme.to ensure all users can comfortablyFixed Deflector Glass 8mm G8-020 N/Aaccess the controls and shower head. Fixed Deflector Glass 10mm G10-020 N/A Visit www.jtpuk.com for more details. Optional Foot Kit (for Fixed Deflector) FTKLAKES MODULAR WALK-IN'