b'HORIZON WALK WETROOM DESIGN WITH AND WITHOUT DEFLECTOR PANELS//HORIZON SINGLE PANEL WALK-INHORIZON WALK WETROOM DESIGN WITH AND WITHOUT DEFLECTOR PANELS Stylish and modern, the matt black finish of the Horizon walk-in creates the high impact look of a statement showering space. The simplicity of design, clean lines and striking, industrial-looking, horizon graphics on the glass, combine to make a bold and contemporary feel. The deep matt black profiles accentuate the height of the glass.The horizon graphic design is applied using an advanced ceramic-print technology making it great for bathrooms, easy to clean, and long-lasting. The Horizon walk-in features 8mm toughened safety glass with AllClear glass coating is standard on all of our walk-in panels for ease of cleaning.FRONT AND SIDE PANELS50 DESCRIPTION WIDTHHEIGHTWIDTH CODE PRICE 51(mm)** (mm)* ADJUSTMENT (mm) MATT BLACK8mm Ceramic Printed Glass Panel 800 2000 755-770 LK851-080 532.078mm Ceramic Printed Glass Panel 900 2000 855-873 LK851-090 550.938mm Ceramic Printed Glass Panel 1000 2000 955-970 LK851-100 650.308mm Ceramic Printed Glass Panel 1100 2000 1065-1080 LK851-110 685.528mm Ceramic Printed Glass Panel 1200 2000 1165-1080 LK851-120 724.52//HORIZON HINGED BYPASS PANEL *Sizes shown are nominal.**All widths are undersized by 45mm to allow for tiling when fitting to shower trays. Supplied complete with glass to wall bracing barFULL HEIGHT 180 DEFLECTOR AND PANEL DESCRIPTION WIDTHHEIGHTWIDTH CODE PRICE(mm)** (mm)* ADJUSTMENT (mm) MATT BLACKFull Height Rotating Hinge 8mm300 2000 NA LK852-30 349.99with 300mm panel*Sizes shown are nominal.Deflector panel rotates 180 inwards/90 outwards Note: The deflector panel will increase the width of the front panel by 15mmOPTIONAL PRODUCTSDESCRIPTION CODE PRICEMATT BLACKBlack 90 Bar Joining Kit for Side Panel 10CSS-62B 53.93Black Extended Bracing Bar (1200mm - bar only) 10CSS-602B-120 59.43Glass to Ceiling Bracing Bar GC2B 55.45Extension Profile 20mmLK8LEPB 33.02Ceiling bracket 2CBB 21.78WET ROOM OR TRAY8mmOPTIONFOR AN ALCOVEFOR A CORNER SPACE SPACE AB A ALONE A + A A + B A + B + AALAKES MODULAR WALK-IN'