b'CORNER WETROOM DESIGNWITH DEFLECTOR PANELS //11 CORNER WALK-IN WITH HINGED DEFLECTOR IN BRUSHED BRASSCORNER WETROOM DESIGN WITH DEFLECTOR PANELS //13CORNER WALK-IN WITH FIXED DEFLECTOR PANEL IN BRUSHED BRONZE28 29//12 CORNER WALK-IN WITH FULL HEIGHT //15CORNER WALK-IN WITH FULL HEIGHTDEFLECTOR IN SILVER DEFLECTOR IN GUN METAL//14CORNER/2 SIDED WALK-IN WITH FIXEDDEFLECTOR IN BRUSHED NICKELFor smaller corner bathrooms or for that spa look, one of our elegant corner walk-in options with a practical deflector panel can create the perfect personalised showering space. The additional panel can often make the showering area feel a little warmer once the shower has been turned off.Choose from a fixed deflector panel or one of two rotating deflector hinged panels, and select one of six beautiful bracing bar finishes depending on your requirements. All rotating deflector panels can be retro fitted.AllClear glass coating is standard on all of our walk-in panels for ease of cleaning.WET ROOM OR TRAY8mm 10mmOPTIONFOR A CORNER SPACELAKES MODULAR WALK-IN'