b'AMBIENT WALK WETROOM DESIGN WITH AND WITHOUT DEFLECTOR PANELS//SILVERAMBIENT WALK WETROOM DESIGN WITH AND WITHOUT DEFLECTOR PANELSThe Ambient walk-in is the first showering space of its kind. Featuring a PIR motion sensor that triggers the built-in LED lighting concealed in the wall mount, it emits a soft glow of light along the edge of the walk-in panel. The ambience of the bathroom is subtly transformed using soft lighting gently illuminating the room, so night-time visits to the bathroom are safer for all.Within the showering area, the soft light created by the Ambient walk-in makes the experience calming, soothing and restful. Become lost in the moment and let the ambience relax and transport you to your own private sanctuary.The Ambient walk-in features 8mm toughened safety glass with AllClear glass coating is standard on all of our walk-in panels for ease of cleaning.48 49AMBIENTWIDTH (mm)** HEIGHT (mm)* WIDTH WALL PROFILE LED AND DRIVER GLASS ANDPRICE ADJUSTMENT (mm) LEFT RIGHT BOTTOM TRIM SILVER700 2000 685 - 700 LK869-070S 506.91800 2000 785 - 800 LK869-080S 532.07900 2000 885 - 900 LK869-090S 550.931000 2000 985 - 1000 LK869-LS LK869-RS LK869-100S 650.301100 2000 1085 - 1100 LK869-110S 685.521200 2000 1185 - 1200 LK869-120S 724.521400 2000 1385 - 1400 LK869-140S 811.31*Sizes shown are nominal. Silver colour ONLY. Wall mount kits contain all electrical / finishing items. IP67 ratedComplete with 12VDC SELV driver, for complete bathroom safetyWarm Whitelight temperature2700-3000KPIR cuts out 3 minutes after the WET ROOM last activation OR TRAY8mmOPTIONFOR AN ALCOVEFOR A CORNER SPACE SPACELEFT HANDED RIGHT HANDEDLAKES MODULAR WALK-IN'