b'WETROOM PANEL DESIGN WITH DEFLECTOR PANELS//21 WALK-IN WITH HINGED DEFLECTOR IN BRUSHED BRASSWETROOM PANEL DESIGN WITH DEFLECTOR PANELS To ensure that the water spray stays within the walk-inshowering area and the rest of the bathroom stays dry, choose from one of our elegant deflector panels. Our contemporary fixed panel or rotating panels (which can be neatly folded away) are superbly engineered and will add practicality and visual appeal to your showering space. All rotating deflector panels can alsobe retro fitted.All deflector fittings are available in our palette of 6 colour finishes and all glass panels features AllClear glass coating is standard on all of our walk-in panels for ease of cleaning.38 39//23 SINGLE PANEL WITH FIXED DEFLECTOR //22 SINGLE PANEL WALK-IN WITH FULL HEIGHT IN BRUSHED BRONZEDEFLECTOR IN SILVERWET ROOM OR TRAY8mm 10mmOPTIONFOR AN ALCOVEFOR A CORNER SPACE SPACELAKES MODULAR WALK-IN'