b'WHY A FRAMELESS WALK-IN SHOWER? // MODULAR WALK-IN FOR YOUR SHOWERING SPACEWHY A FRAMELESS MODULAR WALK-IN WALK-IN SHOWER? FOR YOUR SHOWERING SPACEWhat is the appeal of upgrading to or specifying a framelessOur modular walk-in systems can either be installed onto glass walk-in shower enclosure? a shower tray or flush fit directly to a tiled wet room floor, providing great accessibility for the specific needs of STREAMLINED STYLE individuals of all ages and challenges.Frameless walk-in shower glass brings a touch of refinement to any bathroom, instantly improving its aesthetic appeal. The clean lines and virtually seamlessLakes modular wet rooms are one of very few ranges that are compatible with almost design create a look thats timeless, contemporary, deluxe, and comfortable. any bathroom layout, size and user needs, combining safety, style and versatility in SPACIOUS bathroom design and creating that spa look and feel. Suitable for recess, corner and Say goodbye to the restriction of traditional shower doors and curtains. Framelessflat-wall installations and where space in the bathroom is limited.walk-in showers introduce a sense of openness, making a bathroom appear largerRECESS/ALCOVESEE PAGES 35-47 and airier. Its amazing how a simple change can redefine the entire space, even inIdeal for smaller bathrooms, ensuite, guest rooms or loft conversions, but more often a tighter corner. FOR AN ALCOVE SPACE installed in the space where a bath is being removed and replaced with a shower.PERSONALISATION Using one main fixed front panel on a floor substrate allows homeowners the Whether a bathroom style is modern, classic, or contemporary, a frameless glassflexibility to design a personalised and contemporary showering space and choose shower enclosure will complement most designs and decors. The simplicity of//RECESS/ALCOVEfrom one of six colour finishes. For added luxury [and keep the water within the the glass allows for easy mixing with different room colour schemes, taps andshowering area], add a fixed or hinged deflector panel.showering hardware.06 CORNERSEE PAGES 25-4707EASY MAINTENANCE A corner space is often the most common area available and can offer more Cleaning becomes so simple with frameless glass. No more nooks and cranniesoptions in terms of form and function. where mould, mildew or grime hides and builds up. A quick daily wipe down, and your shower area will shine like new. With more floor space often available, two panels [main/front with a return/side or return panel] can be used. This allows the walk-in layout to work more like a DURABLE standard corner shower enclosure.Engineered in the UK to be long-lasting, our frameless glass enclosures are built to last. The absence of large frames reduces the risk of visual deterioration causedThe side panel is a practical solution to simply preventing water splashing outside by limescale, cleaning products and general wear and tear, ensuring your walk-inthe showering area. Corner walk-in set-ups offer as much splash protection as a enclosure stands the test of time. This is backed up by the Lakes Lifetime Guarantee. normal moving shower door. Whats more, the 90 glass-to-glass join feature can FOR A CORNERbe made to look minimal using a corner bracket and clear sealant or using a more NATURAL LIGHT IMPACT SPACE traditional full height corner post.The frameless design allows more natural light into the open showering area, contributing to a brighter and more welcoming bathroom environment. FLAT WALL (3 -SIDED)SEE PAGES 16-23 //CORNER Not always reserved for larger bathrooms, but again it could be a space created as SPA-LIKE EXPERIENCE a result of a bath being replaced with a showering area. Unlike standard moving Our frameless walk-ins will transform your daily shower into a spa-like retreat. Thedoors, creating a 3-sided enclosure with a modular walk-in set up is much easier clear nature of the glass enclosure enhances the overall feel, creating a calm andthan trying to design and install a customary enclosure with a sliding, bifold or relaxing atmosphere. hinged door. Its also much more cost effective.FUTURE PROOFAlternatively, a flat wall walk-in shower can also be configured as a walk-through Frameless glass walk-in shower enclosures can be considered an investment forshower with double entry points, featuring a single fixed glass panel.the future and can even influence the sale of your home, especially if showering access and stability is potentially challenging for new owners. Property buyers oftenIn summary, theres a Lakes walk-in shower set up to suit any size or shape of appreciate modern and stylish features that require minimal maintenance. bathroom, and any budget .SUSTAINABLE Frameless walk-ins use less metal, less packaging and requires less cleaning. And, with far fewer moving parts, frameless walk-ins suffer less from wear and tear and FOR A STRAIGHT, the need for spare parts. All parts within our frameless walk-ins are fully recyclable. OPEN SPACE 8mm 10mm//FLAT WALL LAKES MODULAR WALK-IN'