b'PLAN YOUR OWN PERSONALSHOWERING SPACEPLAN YOUR OWN PERSONALPRODUCT DETAILSImages and illustrations printed in this catalogue are for illustrative purposes only. SHOWERING SPACE All descriptions within are a guide to explaining each product more clearly. All room layouts, products, finishes and colours are for representation purposes only and it is strongly recommended that you visit an approved Lakes displaying showroom to view the product you are interested in. You can find your nearest dealer by visiting the Find a Stockist section on our website and inputting your postcode.valveINSTALLATIONhandFull, simple-to-follow instructions are provided with all Lakes products to ensure 800 shower a straightforward installation every time. Glass panels are adjustable between the sizes stated. All dimensions are approximate.shower All products must be fitted according to our installation instructions. Failure to deflector 800 head comply may invalidate the Lifetime Guarantee. All heights shown for shower doors are taken from the top of the shower1600 tray/tiled floor.Shower trays/tiled floors must be level, fully plumbed and correctly sealed in accordance with manufacturers instructions before installing shower glass/enclosures.Please note that due to the weight of certain products, it may require two people to handle the panels. Please also ensure that the integrity and construction of the wall is suitable to support the weight of the shower panels.Due to the nature of all wet room shower panel products, water retention within 54 the showering area cannot be guaranteed. Please check with your installer/retailer. 55CARE AND MAINTENANCE Daily Care - Glass Panels and Metallic Surfaces: To prevent the build-up of limescale and water stain marks, dont allow water droplets to dry on the glass or frames. After showering, rinse the glass with water, remove residual water using a squeegee and wipe the frame with a soft cloth.Regular, Deep Cleaning - Glass Panels and Metallic Surfaces: All Lakes glass panels have been treated with AllClear - a hydrophobic coating which aids the run-off of water droplets and reduces the need for frequent cleaning.To ensure that your glass panels stay looking good as new, regular weekly/fortnightly cleaning is recommended depending on your local water (hardness) conditions. Use only mild soap or detergent solutions to clean. Rinse with water, then squeegee the glass panels and wipe the frames dry with a soft cloth. Under no circumstances should abrasive, caustic, acidic or scouring products be used.Cleaning products should have pH value 4 ~ 8. Do not use proprietary spray & leave type cleaning products. Non-compliance with these cleaning instructions may cause colour finishes to deteriorate and could adversely affect the safe operation of the enclosure.Removing Limescale - Glass Panels and Metallic Surfaces: To prevent limescale build-up or to remove limescale, use a 50:50 solution of white vinegar and water. Apply with a soft cloth, leave to soak for 30 minutes (longer for areas with severe limescale accumulation) and rinse/dry thoroughly afterwards. Impairment caused to the products finish and caused by limescale build up will invalidate product guarantees.ERRORS AND OMISSIONS.In the interests of continuous design, development and product improvement, Lakes Showering Spaces reserves the right to amend designs, product specifications, colours and pricing without prior notice.'