b'PROFILE, CORNER AND SEAL SOLUTIONS // DEFLECTOR SOLUTIONSPROFILE,DEFLECTOR CORNERSOLUTIONSAND SEAL SOLUTIONS To enrich your walk-in shower design and provide water overspray protection, choose from one of from our sumptuous deflector panels options. Truly personalise your showering space by selecting from our friction-free rotating panels to provide easy walk-in access or opting Our wall and corner profile solutions offerfor the ultimate spa/hotel style fixed deflector panel with //WALL PROFILE maximum versatility and stability and feature// FULL HEIGHT ROTATING DEFLECTOR HINGE clear seals. Rotating panels can also be retrofitted. AND PANEL BY8 / BY10 concealed fixings plus plenty of adjustability for those out of square walls. FULL HEIGHT ROTATING DEFLECTOR HINGE AND PANEL BY8 / BY10Sleek and elegant WALL PROFILESmooth friction-free 180 inward and 90 outward rotation1x wall profile is required whenever a glass panel connectsto a wall. Complete with 300mm wide glass panel in 8 or 10mm glass Slim, discreet design supplied with push in seals for Use with BB1 bracing bar 8mm and 10mm glass Maximum protection from water oversprayProfile top cover cap20mm out of plumb adjustment for any wall surface tiles HINGE TYPE DEFLECTOR PANEL PHL / PHR + PHG 10 or wall panels 11Sleek minimalist on-glass hinge Superb finish, luxury fee, heavy duty and perfect performanceCORNER BRACKET CNR8 / CNR10 180 inward only rotation and concealed fittings A minimalist designer option to join two 8 or 10mm glass panelsAvailable left and right handed securely at 90 Available with 300mm deflector panel with seal in 8mm (PHG8)Brackets feature concealed fixing and 10mm (PHG10) //HINGE TYPE DEFLECTOR PANEL A transparent corner seal provides a safe and secure Use with BB2 bracing bar PHL / PHR + PHGcorner connection //CORNER BRACKET FIXED 90 DEFLECTOR PANEL G8 / G10 + CNR / CPCORNER POSTA simple yet practical 90 fixed glass deflectorGlass to glass CP8 / CP10.A feature option to join two 8 or 10mm glass panels securely at 90200mm wide panel, 8 and 10mm glass Decorative top cap to complement wall profiles and bracing barsCan be fixed to the main panel using our corner post or corner bracket with ultra clear seal Use with BB3 glass to wall bracing bar An optional foot kit is available for installations where deflector glass is unsupported at base// FIXED 90 DEFLECTOR PANELG8 / G10 + CNR / CP 8mm 10mm //CORNER POSTNote: All Hinged Deflector Panels are handed please suffix codes with L or R. All illustrations show left hand option.LAKES MODULAR WALK-IN'