b'FLAT WALL THREE SIDED WETROOM DESIGN WITH DEFLECTOR PANELS//05THREE SIDED WALK-IN WITH DEFLECTOR IN GUN METALFLAT WALL THREE-SIDED WETROOM DESIGN WITH DEFLECTOR PANELS Match a 3-sided wet room design with any one of Lakes fixed or rotating deflector panel options, to prevent water splash out.Our truly elegant, full height deflector panels 180 inward and 90 outward rotation. More minimal design 180 inward folding or the hotel look fixed panel.Once youve chosen your preferred deflector panel, select the bracing bar and finish of your choice to create your perfect personalised showering space.All rotating deflector panels can be retro fitted.20 21//06THREE SIDED WALK-IN WITH FIXED //04THREE SIDED WALK-IN WITH FULL HEIGHTDEFLECTOR IN MATT BLACK DEFLECTOR IN SILVERWET ROOM OR TRAY8mm 10mmOPTIONFOR A STRAIGHT, OPEN SPACELAKES MODULAR WALK-IN'