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Bathroom Design Styles – Classical

date iconNovember 10, 2016

Exploring Classical Bathroom design and our top tips for choosing the right shower enclosure to match your style.


Continuing our exploration of different design styles and the types of enclosure that can complement the look –  we get up close and personal with classical design.

Classical design takes inspiration from the rich design aesthetics of the past. While modern design usually revolves around clean lines and simplicity, the classical look harks back to an age where the smallest detail was individually crafted and any opportunity to embellish and adorn was embraced.

Classical Style Influences

The most commonly influential eras for the classical design aesthetic are the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian periods, which made great use of intricate wallpapers, detailed architraves and cast iron ornamentation. Roman and French influences also made an appearance in both furniture and tiling.

Creating a Classical Style Bathroom

Lakes Bathrooms semi framed slider shower door

If you’re looking to create the classical look in your bathroom, take inspiration from the design trends, materials and décor associated with these historical eras. Feature natural materials such as stone, granite or slate for surfaces and porcelain or stone for sinks and basins. With the current interior design trends putting the emphasis firmly on individuality, it’s possible to mix and match inspiration from different eras without getting into trouble!

When choosing a shower enclosure to complete your classical style bathroom, don’t get too caught up in the intricate and ornate details that this period embodies – instead we suggest you look for strong shapes and elegant styling to complement and highlight the quality and practicality that this design solution brings.

The Semi-Frameless Slider Door, from our Classic Collection, with its bold lines, is a truly distinctive choice, that could become the design focal point of your classical style bathroom.

Complemented by the addition of optically superior, ultra clear PureVueHD glass at no extra cost, you can enjoy your classic bathroom style in all its true colours. To see the difference in action click here.

For other enclosures that would complement your classical style bathroom take a look at our entire Classic Collection

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