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Bathroom Design Styles – Contemporary

date iconJanuary 4, 2017

Our experts have put together their top tips for choosing the right shower enclosure to complement a contemporary look in your bathroom.

Concluding our look at different design styles and complementary shower enclosures we end this series with a look at contemporary bathroom design.

Contemporary bathroom style is often confused with the modern, minimalist aesthetic, but it’s actually all about responding to key trends. In the early 2000’s this may well have meant a clean white modernist look, but since then contemporary styling has moved on to appreciate a more eclectic array of cultural influences from Japanese tradition to Scandinavian styling.

Cannes Shower Enclosure from Lakes Bathrooms

Cannes – Coastline Collection

Contemporary styling doesn’t just stop there, it expands to take in any ‘of the moment’ materials so in addition to natural slate, rich woods, glassware and crafted ceramics you can add in materials that have become available more recently such as synthetics and laminates. Colours tend to be bold but not intrusive. Seamlessly complementing the aesthetics of the room without overdoing it, think relaxing and futuristic rather than bright and garish.

To complement this new palette of richer colours and materials look for an enclosure that embodies the beauty of the environment it’s placed in. We suggest our Coastline range for example Cannes. Treat yourself to the ultimate in sumptuous simplicity; let the beauty of your décor shine through with the pared-down luxury of our elegant Cannes enclosure.

Complemented by the addition of optically superior, ultra-clear PureVueHD glass at no extra cost, your colour and material choices will be seen exactly as you intended. To see the difference in action click here.

For other enclosures that would complement your contemporary style bathroom take a look at our entire Coastline Collection.

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