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Gifts for people who LOVE their bathroom

date iconNovember 29, 2017

A little gift guide of stocking fillers and presents for those who love spending time in the bathroom

gifts for people that love their bathroom

It’s that time of year, the time when we all search for that uniquely, thoughtful (and preferably wallet friendly) gift to show the people we care about that we’re thankful for them.

We all have that one difficult person that you’re not sure what to get, whether it’s because they have no discernible interest or you’re not sure what they already own. Luckily, there is one room and one part of all our day-to-day lives we have in common, the shower/bathroom. So, we’ve come up with a little gift guide of stocking fillers and presents for those who love spending time in the bathroom (and those who could love their bathroom a little more).

For him:

A fog free shower mirror

The moisture and steam from a warm shower make it the most comfortable and effective place for a man to shave. Unfortunately for anyone who is second in the morning bathroom schedule, a steamy mirror makes this more difficult – hence the fog free shower mirror.

Strong man toilet roll holder

Maybe not something you want on display in your nicely decorated bathroom, but if you have a ‘man loo’ then this could sit pride of place on top of the toilet (Who knows it might even inspire us all to replace the loo roll more often).


For her:

Wine glass holder for the bath

Made of polished stainless steel, this wine glass holder is a stylish addition to any bath and the perfect accessory for the ladies wanting to enjoy a bit of red, white or rose whilst either getting ready or relaxing in their sanctuary away from kids and partners. (Good job it doesn’t come with a bottle holder or you may rarely see your chosen recipient).

wine glass holder for the bath

Bath pillow

Make the bath a more comfortable place for her (or him) to enjoy a nice loooooooooooooong soak (and that glass of wine we talked about above) at the end of the day.

bath pillow

For the kids:

Bath time bubble maker

Find us a baby that doesn’t love bubbles… This bubble maker will help make bath time an enjoyable time for both you and your little ones.

bubble machine for the bath


As seen on Dragon’s Den. This is the perfect toilet training accessory. Not only does this make it easier for your child to flush the toilet, it also makes it fun. You might find that other members of the family appreciate the acknowledgement of a flush with a fanfare just as much as the kids.

kids flush

For all the family:


Waterproof shower speaker

This handy little Bluetooth shower speaker makes it possible for you to control your music and answer calls whilst in the bath or shower (without the risk of dropping your smartphone in). We always talk about making showering an experience not just a necessity, this, combined with the perfect playlist can help take a large step in that right direction.

bluetooth shower speaker

And, if you need help selecting the perfect songs, here’s our top 10 songs to sing in the shower.

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