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Inspiration comes in waves. The new Island Collection

date iconNovember 20, 2017

The inspiration for the new Island Collection came from somewhere a little different.

Inspiration comes in waves

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and when we’ve launched new collections in the past their inspiration has usually come from a number of factors, such as styling that fills a market need, or a new innovation that provides a fresh alternative.

The inspiration for the new Island Collection came from somewhere a little different.

When Robin Craddock and his father Alan launched Lakes Bathrooms 30 years ago, Robin quickly started to build the idea that showering could and should be more than functional. The whole bathroom experience should feel less like a necessary routine and more of a rewarding experience – a time to escape the daily grind.

With the sad loss of Robin last year, his idea of making your shower an escape, and his particular love of escaping to his favourite villa or hotel in Barbados, became the core inspiration for our new Island Collection.

the Island Collection mood board for inspiration

Our designers have created a collection that captures the carefree spirit of the Caribbean islands. The large, frame-free shower doors and enclosures create a seamless showering experience, encouraging you to escape for 15 minutes of your day and imagine something a little more exotic. Your dream of showering in the warm air of a white-sand beach is enhanced further by the fact that every door and enclosure features our optically clearer PureVueHD glass and AllClear® stay-clean coating as standard, so there’s nothing to spoil the moment.

Discover more of the Island Collection, or take a look at our Pinterest board to view more of the images that inspired this collection.


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