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Evolving in form and function – New Lakes products

date iconFebruary 11, 2016

We have added 3 new products to our range. These new additions are just part of our aim to create perfect bathroom moments.

At Lakes Bathrooms we’re pretty averse to the idea of simply relying on the success of our established products, which is why our designers are tasked with constantly refining and advancing our products, with an eye to future trends, and new materials.

Our stay-clean AllClear® coating is supplied as standard to our Classic and Coastline Collections. Both sides of the glass are treated to maximise the longevity of the showroom shine, with minimal cleaning effort – a quick wipe is all that’s needed to keep that ’as new’ sparkle.

We are consistently adding to our ranges, sometimes to completely change the way we use bathrooms and sometimes to simply broaden the options open to our customers.

So what’s new?:

semi frameless shower door




In the Classic Collection we have just introduced the Semi-frameless Pivot Door with integrated In-line Panel – the first time the in-line panel has been integrated with the door rather than as a separate acquisition. What this seemingly simple advance means is that a wider enclosure is now available without the heavier joining elements inherited with a separate in-line panel and door combination; resulting in a beautifully seamless aesthetic, perfect for Corner, Alcove, Recess and Flat Wall shower enclosures.




To our sumptuously designed Coastline Collection we have added two NEW products which both provide added functionality and accessibility to the contemporary frameless designs.

new Alassio shower door





The Alassio has the sheer simplicity and understated beauty of a walk-in shower screen, with the added benefits of access and cleaning that come with its new swing hinged capability; the perfect combination of form and function.






new levanzo shower door





The Levanzo was designed as yet another way of providing Lakes Bathrooms’ customers with the best of both worlds. All the ease and style of a chic hotel-style walk-in shower enclosure, with all the practicality of effective shielding from shower spray. On top of this – much like the Alassio – by making the protective bypass panel hinged we have provided additional benefits in terms of ease of access and cleaning.




These new additions to our collections are just part of our constant aim to create perfect bathroom moments, with shower enclosures and screens designed to facilitate an enjoyable experience. To discover the rest of our ever-advancing range visit Our Collection or request a brochure.

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