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Bathroom cleaning tips

The bathroom is a constant battleground for those wanting the ultimate bathing experience. To help maintain the sparkle and shine associated with a brand new bathroom, without the cost of creating a new one, we’ve put together the following bathroom cleaning tips so that you and your family can enjoy bathing in a spotlessly clean, relaxing bathroom environment.

Cleaning your shower enclosures and enclosure glass

To reduce the need for frequent cleaning, all enclosures within our Classic, Coastline and Mirror Collections have our AllClear® Coating applied as standard. If you don’t have a Lakes shower enclosure, worry not, we have AllClear® solutions that you can apply to your enclosure yourself.

Even with our AllClear® coating, we would still recommend cleaning your enclosure every couple of weeks to help maintain that showroom shine. Use mild soap/detergents – cleaning products should have a pH value 4 ~ 8 – anything stronger may remove or damage the coating. Rinse with water and then squeegee the glass panels and wipe the frames dry with a soft cloth. Do not use ‘spray & leave’ type cleaning products on either the framework or the glass.

Water needs to be removed from the outside of the enclosure framework too. If water is left to dry, limescale can attack the framework and damage the anodized aluminium finish.

Should a build-up of limescale occur, remove using a 50:50 solution of white vinegar and water, applied with a soft cloth and then rinse and dry thoroughly afterwards.

an image that says: "Top tips for maintaining clear shower enclosure glass 1. Use a squeegee after each shower to remove excess water. 2. Keep your bathroom well ventilated allowing the enclosure, tiles and fittings to dry between each use."

For the ultimate showering experience, take a look at our PureVueHD glass – a high quality, optically superior ‘low-iron’ glass that allows you to see your bathroom in its true colours. Combined with our advanced AllClear® coating it gives every Lakes enclosure, walk-in and bath screen within our Coastline and Classic Collections an added clarity that brings you one step closer to the ultimate showering experience – all at no extra cost!

Cleaning bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles cover a large surface area of almost every bathroom, and can be an expensive element of your bathroom design. To keep them looking their best use a steam cleaner to effortlessly remove the grime, soap scum and water marks. Then simply use a micro-fibre cloth or muslin to dry the tiles.

Top tips for keeping your bathroom tiles clean:

  1. ‘Squeegeeing’ down after you’ve finished showering turns into a very quick habit that can save a much larger cleaning job as it slows the damaging, and streaking effect of standing water.
  2. AllClear® SWIFT is a simple but effective preventative solution that repels water, grime and limescale and can be applied to tiles, glass, porcelain, granite, metal, vinyls and plastics.

Removing mildew or mould from grout

Discolouration or dark mildew spots on grout is a common problem. The experts at GoodHousekeeping have a solution that will brighten up your grout in a matter of minutes.

Visit GoodHousekeeping to learn more.

Freshen the drains

Keeping drains fresh – particularly those in seldom used places such as guest bathrooms is another area that can make a huge difference to your bathing experience.

Find out how Good Housekeeping recommend you tackle the job.

So, there you have it, just a few of our favourite tips to help maintain that sparkle and shine – and bring you one step closer to the ultimate bathing experience.

Keeping your showers AllClear

Whenever you’re looking through glossy magazines, catalogues or even checking out peoples bathrooms on film and TV, the shower cubicles always have that impossibly gleaming, fresh out of the showroom shine.

We all know spaces look their best when kept clean and clear, and this is never truer than in bath and shower rooms. Unfortunately this is not always the easiest of undertakings in a space with multiple users.

At Lakes we believe your shower time should be lavished on you, not be spent scrubbing the enclosure, which is why this blog post is about how to achieve that classy showroom shine without the Cinderella style elbow grease.

The combination of our strong dislike of cleaning, our absolute love of luxurious showering experiences and our ability to innovate has led to the AllClear product.

How does it work?

If you looked at an apparently flat sheet of glass under a microscope you would see that standard glass actually has an extremely uneven pitted surface to which water, lime scale and soap scum cling. With every shower this residue builds up becoming more ingrained and this is when the illusion of your glisteningly clean shower becomes a distant memory.

Inspired by nature, the AllClear coating forms an invisible, microscopically smooth shield to prevent this build up of grime.

AllClear’s hydrophobic properties cause water to run off freely, washing away residue and dirt as it goes.


It’s an amazing effect, which has to be seen to be believed.

To witness the full extent of AllClear’s genius check out the little video we produced…

What’s makes it clearly different?

Some manufacturers charge in excess of £100 to apply similar coatings as an optional extra. At Lakes our Classic and Coastline Collections give you the extra benefits of AllClear protection on both sides of the glass at NO EXTRA COST. AllClear is guaranteed to outperform untreated glass for 3 years so you’re free to enjoy every refreshing minute of showering without popping on the marigolds.


When you’re talking about a clean cubicle it’s important to remember it’s not just about financial cost but the cost to the environment. The AllClear coating is truly eco–friendly because it negates the need for the use of harsh chemicals used in cleaning. So to say AllClear is clearly better, would be true even if it was based simply on financial cost or eco impact; with the addition of the fact that AllClear outperforms other coatings on the market, greatly enhancing impact and abrasion resistance, and provides 20% more brilliance, the difference is clear.

Find out more about the AllClear product.