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Accessible bathroom design that caters for an ageing population

date iconJanuary 16, 2018

We are lucky enough to live in a time of consistently improving standards of living, technical advancements and medical treatments. Whilst clearly all of these factors are to be celebrated, the knock-on effect of all this change is longer life expectancies and an ever ageing population.

accessible bathroom design that caters for an ageing populating

The question is, why is an ageing population so important to your business?

When the demographic of the general population changes, so does your customer base.

The Office for National Statistics has recently confirmed that in the UK more than 11 million people are now aged over 65 and a third of us are aged 55 and over. With this in mind, to stay relevant as businesses, all our products need to be more focused on accessibility, our showrooms need to display an understanding of shifting demands and our innovations needs to be developing solutions tailored to enhance the lives of an ageing population.

Being in the bracket of over 55 OBVIOUSLY doesn’t mean we’re all losing our faculties or even close to being put out to pasture, it just means there are a few wise decisions in bathroom design, which we could be considering to future proof our customers houses and businesses.

You may or may not have seen the term ‘ageing in place’ in more frequent usage. This refers to the growing demand for solutions that allow us to live longer in our properties, before having to consider assisted living or retirement communities.

How we can help cater for the ‘ageing in place’ market

1. Lakes AllClear Glass Coating

With increasing years and perhaps when flexibility becomes impeded, cleaning the tight square footage of a shower enclosure becomes a more challenging task. The All-Clear coating provides a barrier between the rough micro-surface of the glass and any water and dirt, meaning an enclosure requires far less cleaning.

The AllClear stay-clean coating comes as standard on every product in our Classic, Coastline and Island Collections.

Find out more about our AllClear glass coating > 

2. Walk-in shower enclosures and Wet Rooms

When talking of accessible bathrooms and accessible shower design, the walk-in shower and wet room are ideal solutions as they provide a more open footprint, and remove the need for heavy pivoting doors.

If a wet room installation isn’t possible due to plumbing restrictions, our range of low profile trays sit approximately 45mm high and provide a more accessible shower entrance to standard height trays.

View our range of Walk-in shower enclosures that are suitable for a Wet Room installation >


3. NEW Seated Shower Trays

Designed with accessibility in mind, we’ve launched three new shower enclosures all with raised seats. So, when standing in the shower proves a challenge, take comfort, ease and safety to the next level with a raised seat, which is beautifully integrated into the tray and purpose designed panelling.

View our NEW Seated Shower Tray & In-Line Panel with Pivot Door, Seated Shower Tray & In-Line Panel with Bi-fold Door or our Seated Shower Tray & Walk-In Enclosure.


4. Toughened Safety Glass

Should you fall in the bath or shower, mobility impaired or not, our products are sculpted from toughened safety glass, approved to BSI EN12150-1 in a range of thicknesses – a real reassurance whatever your age.

5. Grab Bars and Rails

Literally a handy adaptation for anybody wanting to ensure their shower and bathroom remains safe and accessible with advancing years. With elegant profiles they can fit seamlessly into any bathroom scheme.

View our range of shower enclosure grab bars and rails > 


6. Shower Seats

If balance or strength become an issue, the shower seat provides a safe solution for maintaining health, well-being and independence. Thanks to modern manufacturing capabilities these are also available in an increasingly varied number of styles and fits, so accessibility doesn’t need to define the look of your bathroom.

View our range of shower enclosure seats > 


Are accessible bathroom designs featured well enough in your showroom?

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