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Mirror® Collection

Prices from £429.60 Inc. VAT

The perfect reflection of practicality and style. Beyond the functionality of an in-built full-length mirror and shielded showering space, is the sense of contemporary living created by the reflective surface and the added illusion of light and space.

  • Collection includes:
  • Shower enclosures
  • Shower doors
  • Walk-ins
  • Side panels
  • In-line panels
  • Bath screens
  • Features:
  • Stunning mirror-glass finish
  • Frameless & semi-frameless
  • 6mm and 8mm glass
  • Silver finish
  • Fully reversible
  • Extension profiles available
  • Wet room or tray
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • AllClear as standard

Mirror® Collection

Mirror: Semi-Framed Pivot Door

From £835.20 Inc. VAT

Mirror® Collection

Mirror: Semi-Framed Slider Door

From £820.80 Inc. VAT

Mirror® Collection

Mirror In-Line Panel Pack

From £528.00 Inc. VAT

Finding a flexible solution for everyone can be a challenge. An invigorating shower for you; a splashy, squealy, bath time for the kids. It’s good to know our stylish, watertight bath screens provide the best of both worlds.

Mirror® Collection

Mirror: Curved Bath Screen

From £429.60 Inc. VAT