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Classic Collection

Pivot Door Semi-Framed

Deceptively simple yet simply stunning. This semi-framed, pivot door creates a particularly slim profile to complement the simplicity of many modern bathrooms or ensuites. Lakes MIRROR finish provides a moveable full-length mirror, adding an extra dimension to this showering space.


Price from £1,232.40 Inc. VAT

  • Suitable for:
  • Alcove Shower Enclosures
  • Corner Shower Enclosures
  • Flat Wall Shower Enclosures
  • Recess Shower Enclosures
  • Features:
  • 6mm toughened glass
  • Fully reversible
  • Easy fit
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • AllClear as standard

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Product sizes and prices

WidthHeightWidth AdjustmentDoor Opening Price (exc. VAT)Price (inc. VAT)Product Code (Silver)Product Code (White)
7001850660 - 720420£457.00£548.40LKVP070SLKVP070W
7501850720 - 780480£484.00£580.80LKVP075SLKVP075W
8001850760 - 820500£505.00£606.00LKVP080SLKVP080W
9001850840 - 900550£537.00£644.40LKVP090SLKVP090W
10001850940 - 1000590£567.00£680.40LKVP100SLKVP100W
WidthHeightWidth AdjustmentPrice (exc. VAT)Price (inc. VAT)Product Code (Silver)Product Code (White)
3501850340 - 385£404.00£484.80LILPP350SLILPP350W
WidthPrice (exc. VAT)Price (inc. VAT)Product Code (Silver)Product Code (White)
WidthHeightWidth AdjustmentPrice (exc. VAT)Price (inc. VAT)Product Code
7001850660 - 720 £319.00£382.80LWRP070S
7501850720 - 780 £338.00£405.60LWRP075S
8001850760 - 820 £358.00£429.60LWRP080S
9001850840 - 900 £392.00£470.40LWRP090S
10001850940 - 1000 £441.00£529.20LWRP100S
WidthHeightWidth AdjustmentPrice (exc. VAT)Price (inc. VAT)Product Code (Silver)Product Code (White)
7001850660 - 720£285.00£342.00LK1SP070SLK1SP070W
7501850720 - 780£300.00£360.00LK1SP075SLK1SP075W
8001850760 - 820£321.00£385.20LK1SP080SLK1SP080W
9001850840 - 900£349.00£418.80LK1SP090SLK1SP090W
10001850940 - 1000£396.00£475.20LK1SP1000SLK1SP1000W
110018501040 - 1100£433.00£519.60LK1SP1100S-
120018501140 - 1200£461.00£553.20LK1SP1200S-

Note: Maximum adjustment range is reduced by 15mm when used in conjunction with the In-Line Panel Pack.

Special height doors can be manufactured to order with an additional surcharge.

Compatible with Classic Semi-Framed Side Panel (LWRPS Silver) and Classic Framed Side Panel (LK1SPS Silver)

30mm Extension Profile £40.80 Inc. VAT (LEPS Silver)

Alternative Bright Chrome Plate Finish Stainless Steel Loop Handle – £36.00 Inc. VAT (SK-130)

Lakes Bathrooms Chrome Loop Handle









All measurements are in mm.

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