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Walk-In Collection

Seated Shower Tray and Walk-In

Walk-in, take a seat and enjoy showering in comfort. A wonderfully elegant design solution that is ideal for multi-generational living.

Price from £2,407.20 Inc. VAT

  • Suitable for:
  • Corner Shower Enclosures
  • Walk-in Shower Enclosures
  • Features:
  • Minimum 6mm toughened glass
  • Fully reversible
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • AllClear as standard
  • PureVueHD Glass as Standard

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Product sizes and prices

WidthHeightPrice (exc. VAT)Price (inc. VAT)Previous Product CodeNew Product Code (2021)
8501850£940.00£1,128.00LWSST1200L1 x CLWSST120LS & 1 x CLWSDG
8501850£940.00£1,128.00LWSST1200R1 x CLWSST120RS & 1 x CLWSDG
Overall SizePrice (exc. VAT)Price (inc. VAT)Product Code
1500 x 800£1,066.00£1,279.20LKST8015
Width HeightWidth AdjustmentRecommended Tray Size MinRecommended Tray Size Max Price (exc. VAT) Price (inc. VAT)Product Code
8001850 + 85775-880775800£377.00£452.40LWSP080S

For Walk-in (for Seat Tray), BOTH product codes need to be ordered for either the left handed Walk-In or right handed Walk-In.

All measurements are in mm.

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Walk-In Collection


From £483.60 Inc. VAT